Industrial Coatings

Kansai industrial coatings are used with a wide range of industrial products, including motorcycles and three wheeler utility vehicles/tractors and agricultural equipment. For this area different type of coating performance, coating methods and application conditions are required for various types of industrial products. In order to meet these needs, we are providing an exceptionally wide and diverse range of paints, coating s and services.

Client Portfolio:Nuclear and Power Sector, Steel Industry, Oil and Gas Sector, Tractors, Fertilizers/Agro Industries, Textile, Cement/Construction Sector, Pharmaceuticals, Labs and Hospitals, Motorcycles and three wheeler assemblers, Military and Air Force Installations, Wood Working and Metal Industry, Road Line Marking Safety Paint, and many more ….

Kansai Paint Pakistan also manufactures a comprehensive product range of high performance coatings, used on structures in order to provide long term protection from corrosion. Specialized functional coatings are available for structures including bridges, storage tanks, plants, roads, power plants etc.

Kansai Paint Pakistan has expert global knowledge; R&D and field experience to provide high performance and specialized coatings that protect and also adds functionality to the surface being painted. Kansai Paint in Pakistan is actively supporting the industrial sector of Pakistan by providing high quality paints complying with the global standards.

Kansai Paint is the first in Pakistan to supply state of the art OEM technology paint in the Auto Refinish/Collision Repair Industry. Designed exclusively for SSS workshops, our ZEN range of products offer unparallel quality attributes. Not only the ZEN range is very user friendly, the use of our refinish products results in considerable savings for the customer.

In addition to the ready mix OEM shades in ZEN, more than 17,000 top coat shades are also available in the Japanese SHIN EZ Series Range of Products including tinters, pearls, primers, clear coats, thinners, polishes, poly putty and other ancillaries.