Employee Reviews

Syed Adeel Ahmed

Chief Financial Officer
Interest:  Sports & Travel

It has been a wonderful experience working at Kansai because you have the liberty of making decisions by performing under guidance and support. At Kansai you can walk in anyone’s office at any time and receive respect and support. The environment is very congenial to work.

Muhammad Mamoon Ali

Works Manager
Interest:  Travelling, Photography & Reading

Working with Kansai has been the most enriching experience where I found the freedom to apply my knowledge, skills and capabilities to the fullest extent. I have seen the company go through different phases of its growth and evolving into a closely knit family. It is the sense of responsibility taken by everyone involved, which makes this company stand tall.

Mustafa Khan

Business Manager Decorative
Interest:  Travelling, Reading

If you are looking for growth, Kansai is the employer of choice for you. The entity’s open door policy and lean structure gives you the right exposure within the organization; needless to express the importance of hard work, an upright attitude coupled with performance. Kansai focuses on a strong culture, a sharp focus on professional development, and a real drive towards results.

Fawad Ikram

Business Manager Engineering Coatings
Interest:  Reading non-fiction, Historic places

Kansai has given me an unparalleled industry experience. It nurtures the enterprising spirit and provides an enabling environment for the team to bring the best in them. As a growing company, Kansai has risen above challenges of making a name for itself in a competitive environment and receding economy.

Mobeen Hasan

Technical Manager
Interest:  Music, Sightseeing & Tennis

The experience has been good. There have been many challenges and a lot of learning. The environment is friendly and a good professional team to work with.

Mohammad Naeem Farooqui

Technical Manager
Interest:  Watching Talk Shows

It’s been pleasure working for Kansai in last four years when I look back, I feel really proud & greatly honored that I have been part of a team that build this company from the scratch when there was nothing on the ground & now people see towards it as a great company to build up their career in.

Abdul Wahid

Production Manager
Interest:  Watching Cricket

I have enjoyed my work a lot in last four years at Kansai; every day is full of challenges and learning. It’s the culture of Kansai, which makes it different from other companies. True team work, independence and ownership in employees are the strengths of this company.

Hina Agha

Assistant Purchase Manager
Interest:  Reading, Music & Painting

I have not been with Kansai for a long time but my experience has been excellent so far. I have had the opportunity of working with a group of individuals passionate about their work who not only encourage and help you to develop to your full potential but also enable you to excel in your role.

Fawad Ameen

Finance Manage
Interest:  Sports and Social networking

Kansai has been a source of inspiration for me and a great platform for my personal and professional growth with ample support from peers, leaders and mentors. Over my 2 years experience with Kansai, I've had the opportunity to participate and focus on developing my technical, leadership and management skills allowing to become a more adaptable and well-rounded professional.

Farrukh Ali

Technical Officer
Interest:  Snooker & Travelling

During my experience with Kansai, I have found myself in the state of continuous learning and growth. I am proud to be part of this competent team where there is always guidance available from the seniors and team members are much appreciative of your work.

Kashif Ali

Asst. Product Manager
Interest:  Music & Movies

Starting my career with Kansai, I have found that Kansai is a caring organization that fulfills its mission. In our daily operations, we at Kansai conduct our best business ethics with integrity. Kansai believe in dealing fairly with all stake holders, taking care of our employees.

Maha Hassan

Business Development Executive
Interest:  Sketching, Socializing, Designing

I have been a part of the Kansai for a short while and each day here is new, exciting and challenging. One thing that I really appreciate about this organization is the quality of people that they hire. They make sure that each person is very professional, courteous, and responsible. I look forward to my long journey with Kansai.